When Hailey Alice was born in 2014, there was no doubt that she was an artistic, creative, and very happy baby with an eye for details that others usually missed. She was just as energetic and intellectual as she is today, and throughout the years, her parents discovered her immense & natural ability to act and perform. This led her to the performing path she is on today.

She started dancing street dance at one of Sweden’s largest dance schools - Marikas Dance & Fashion Studio, where her first performance on stage was at the MAXIM Theatre in the heart of Stockholm, in front of 624 people.
The performance lit a passion for performing on stage, and she developed from just dancing to acting & performing in less than a year. Before she even had the time to start at her current acting school - Calle Flygare, she landed a major role in the NETFLIX series TORE, directed by the famous Swedish comedian and YouTuber, William Spetz.

She has since then continued working on her acting journey, recording everything from TV commercials to being extra on various sets, while also working as a model for different apparel brands. Although she is only eight years old, it is clear that her future will be bright and that she will become a strong name in the industry during her career. From walking through the dance school doors at the age of five to appearing on NETFLIX alongside famous Swedish actors, it's safe to say that the rest will be history…